My New Planning Flow

DO IF HA between … in DragScript. Execute what is inside this block only if the target are on the interval.
In the Sequence add the constraints to HA to exit from Sequence in dual action to the DO IF HA.

1   - 	Start: Events At Start are ENABLE
2   - 	Script
3   - 		Block: SHOT
4   - 			Block: TARGET A
5   - 				DO IF HA BETWEEN:  Between 1,5 and 3,5 [Hours] - ( RA 11 22 33 - DEC 44 22 11 )
6   - 					Sequence: Interval of 02:00:00 [hh:mm:ss] - C:\Users\leonardo\Documents\Voyager\ConfigSequence\Sh2-157_LobsterClaw.s2q
7   - 			Block: TARGET B
8   - 				DO IF HA BETWEEN:  Between -1,5 and 1,5 [Hours] - ( RA 04 22 33 - DEC -05 22 11 )
9   - 					Sequence: Interval of 03:00:00 [hh:mm:ss] - C:\Users\leonardo\Documents\Voyager\ConfigSequence\TestM13.s2q
10  - 			Block: TARGET C
11  - 				DO IF HA BETWEEN:  Between -1,5 and 1,5 [Hours] - ( RA 10 22 33 - DEC 07 22 11 )
12  - 					Sequence: Interval of 03:00:00 [hh:mm:ss] - C:\Users\leonardo\Documents\Voyager\ConfigSequence\TestM13.s2q
13  - 			Wait Time: 00:02:00 [hh:mm:ss] Interval
14  - 			Repeat Block Until Astronomical Night End: Data from connected Setup - Offset (Before) 00:00:00 [hh:mm:ss]
15  - 	End
16  - 	Events

This is could be another start …


@rockstarbill I’ve looked at and adapted those. They are great, but I’d like to see other examples. It’s nice to see different solutions or approaches to the same type of problem.

Thanks very much for the example, Leo! I can’t wait to try it out. Just waiting on a clear night.

Kind regards,


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Just want to add an idea about incorporating horizon data. What I have done for my site is create a spreadsheet of declination vs altitude:

Declination Start Alt End Alt
80 33 41
70 46 41
60 54 41
50 60 40
40 58 31
30 50 47
20 34 50
10 33 44
0 34 36
-10 29 28
-20 21 20

So when I go to image, I can simply look at the declination of my target and then select appropriate begin altitude and end altitude limits.

For me this was way easier than drawing some artificial horizon on the map, trying to figure out when a target would hit it, etc.

I would think incorporating something like this would be much simpler again than drawing the horizon at each 10 degrees azimuth or something. Again, it is directly actionable. Look of declination of target. Find begin and end limits. Plug them in.

I would think automating this would also be relatively easy as such things go, especially compared to some of the alternatives.

Even if they don’t end up automating this, some of you might decide to create your own little spreadsheet like this for using when creating sequences.

Before I did this, I had a horizon in TheSkyX, then I had to find my target, run TheSkyX forward until my target cleared the horizon, run it forward until it set behind my horizon, etc. This is so much easier.

Madratter, the Advanced version of Voyager is in development and should ship with something very competitive in terms of parity with ACP Scheduler – Voyager RoboTarget.

I completely agree that this type of logical processing would be good, and I am very confident Leo will release something not only similar but likely better and more resilient! :slight_smile:

Also, be sure to watch me on TAIC talking about Voyager. This was before some of the new features released, but its still a good watch.


You already have this on Voyager, you can also using Hour Angle constraints

Leonardo, I’m aware of that and have already been using it. :grinning: I’m just suggesting that if at some point you add in some kind of automatic horizon limits, that the table setup I suggested is 1) easier to implement than the usual horizon setups, 2) Actually easier for users to gather the data needed to fill in the table.

Bill: I did watch it. It was a nice, clear presentation.

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Awesome. More resources available the better.


Thanks for the explanation. I was not aware of the override functionality, it makes things very convenient.

I have created a new script that uses overrides and I’ve found something not expected: The directory name is not changed by the target’s name override, the images are stored under the Sequence original directory name. Is there a way to push the override to the directory name?



Hi Jose,
I’m glad it helped.
I ran into the same thing, Leo said he will fix it in the next daily build.

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