My ROBOCLIP Database (272 targets)

My databse is here:

Copy it to your ~/Documents/Voyager/Data folder. It will override your copy, so you may want to back that up first if you have any data in it.

My gear is a C925 w/ Hyperstar (540mm f/2.3) -or- Reducer (1480mm f/6.3). I use an ASI1600MM for a camera. All 272 targets in my database are framed for one of those two setups with that camera. There are four groups in the databse, one for each focal length using LRGB broadband and SHO narroband each. The notes describe the target by either common name or a brief description (not always 100% accurate, I got lazy). The number in the note is my own subjective opinion of the quality of the target for imaging on a scale of 1 (best) to 4 (least best) versus the other targets in that group. If you have any questions, please ask!

Leonardo, what’s the CSV format that INCLUDES Groups and Note? I made a CSV to share instead (so it wouldn’t have to override anyone else’s database) but it didn’t include the group or note data inside it. Just TARGET;RA;DEC;PA. If I figure out the format and how to import it, I’ll share that w/ instructions instead and edit this post w/ that.

I can’t wait for ROBOTARGET so I can manage this large list of targets even more efficiently on any given night.

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Thank you so much , great job !
I downloaded and opened … work perfectly !

The CSV is on the wiki in one of the RoboClip dedicated page:

Direct download here :

All the best

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I’ll update my file w a csv tonight after work in approx 14 hours.