My Roboclip Database

I created an imaging target list that I shared over on Cloudy Nights. It has over 200 entries. I have now entered this list into Roboclip for my own usage.

You can find it here:



Thanks for sharing your target list!


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Excellent list. I need to spend more time with the new features in Voyager. It’s been so cloudy and snowy here that I’ve fallen behind.

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I’ve done a brief search and can’t find the answer - I know how to Import a list of targets, but I have no idea how to export them (eg: for sharing with friends without them having to use my full database and lose theirs).

I fell like I might be missing an obvious button somewhere, but I cant figure out where!

RoboClip was not born for export but is a simple access database, you can send directly to your friend if they want to use.

So no obvius button to find !

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