Native Mode FLI Camera Support


This is a long-shot request, but I am looking at ways to possibly remove SkyX from my setup and workflow. While there is an ASCOM driver in the wild for FLI, I have yet to be able to get it to work well on a consistent basis, thus why I am currently using SkyX.

Dear Bill,

sorry but i cant buy a FLI camera for develop the driver … too expansive for me.
I asked one to FLI just for development but i dont receive any answer.

Whats the problem of ASCOM driver for FLI ?

All the best

The ASCOM driver, last I tested it, did not set readout mode correctly at all times. Sometimes it would, and others it would just take images in focus mode readout, which are not any good.

Who is the developer ? Is possible to get the source code ?

Hartmut Bornemann was the developer. The driver is posted to the FLI Yahoo group, but I just checked and there is no source code.

Without a Camera i cannot write driver for Voyager, i want to be sure of what i develop … Voyager quality is over all.

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Totally understand, there looks to be a newer driver than I was using, I am going to test that in Voyager.

Problem found, there is a checkbox in his driver labelled “Can Fast Readout” if you have this checked, the mode will not change, even if Voyager sends 2Mhz. With it unchecked the camera works just fine.

Looks like I may be able to remove SkyX entirely now.

I’m interesting in your result on this driver … let me know

If you found something strange i can try to inherits the driver like i do for Harry with the SX ASCOM camera

Hey Bill,
Nice detective work! I can add this info to the Wiki - is there a specific link I should post to get the driver from the Yahoo! group, or just mention that it’s available there (presumably in the files section)?

Hey Rowland,

The driver is posted here:

There is one for an FLI wheel and one for FLI cameras.

Great, thanks Bill!