New Block "Abort RoboTargetAction" feature incoming

I added a new DragScript Block to Abort the RoboTarget running action. You can intercept in this way some kind of RoboTarget Events and decide to abort the Action:

Coming soon…

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Excellent. Thank you, Leo.


Thanks Glenn, also to spent your time to leave a comment. Really appreciated.

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Hi Leo, what will be the outcome of this abort? Will RoboTarget exit with an error? (As a Sequence would)

What I have noted recently on one of my setups is occasional and seemingly random camera exposure errors. If this block will be able to have RoboTarget exit with an error for a specific error type ($$SEQUENCE_FAIL_STATUS = 37 for instance) then if I get those errors cropping up I can force a reboot to get things going again, loosing perhaps ten minutes to the reboot and restart/cool the camera.

I still need to work out why that setup is throwing those exposure errors but if I can use that block in that way at least I can manage them automatically while I work out what the issue is.

HI Paul,
the purpose of this new block is precisely to get out of deadlock situations due to hardware errors or for those who do not have emergency systems to stop the RoboTarget.

You should be able to read the indicated sequence error variables.


That sounds great, at the very least it will get me out of trouble while I work out why I am getting expose errors on the second system. Windows is set up to launch Voyager after boot including the dragscript that calls RoboTarget, so the quickest fix if I am asleep is a forced reboot.

This sounds brilliant Leo.

Just the thing I need (hopefully). I was just about to put my problem on the forum until I saw this. I have random crashes of The SkyX which causes the mount to disconnect (Paramount MX+). Hopefully this will allow the error to be captured so the DragScript can do something about it.

Thanks, Mark.