New Computer Choices

This question is going to ignite some people but I do want as close to an object opinion as possible.
I am about to update my 10 year old Mac Mini with a new iMac. I am looking at the new M1 24" iMac
however PixInsight does not run natively on the M1 yet and might not for quite awhile. This will be my most intensive program that I will use.

Now I have looked at a refurbished iMac 27 with the i7 8 core processor and 512 SSD. It only has 8 Gb of memory however the 27" can be upgrade by myself all the way to 128 Gb. I have priced out memory for up to 64 Gb and the cost of the refurbished iMac 27 is $300 Cnd cheaper than the M1 with 512 SSD and 16 Gb memory.

So my question is: Will the iMac 27" be a better performer as equipped above than the new M1 for the foreseeable future? The Mac mini that I have was refurbished and has been perfect for about 10 years now so I do not worry about that. If / when PixInsight is rewritten for the M1 will the iMac 24 be as capable as the iMac 27 above?

Thank you for your opinions

Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory

Thank you


I think the best way is to ask this question in the pixinsight forum.
But in general my experience
I have 27" late 2009, Pixinsight is still running and it’s doing well. Although I can’t install the last versions of pixinsight. Due to fact that it not support Catalina and later anymore. The question you should answer your self how important is the speed to process your images ( The long runs) let’s say 5 minutes versus 3 minutes. For me it doesn’t matter as long it’s not hours ;-), So the 27" should be ok ( i Iike to have a big screen with Pix) but check which year it was released so you have one which is still supported for a period of time.

Hoop this helps, but have also look on the Pixinsight forum there is a lot to do about the M1, I didn’t check last years what apple did I was and still happy with my oldie :wink: but this one looks cool


A bit of a brain cramp last night. I meant to post to the PixInsight Forum, but I ended
up here instead. This getting old…

Thank you for the insight and I will post to the PixInsight Forum

Bob Parryt