NEW OWNER - Lot of question

Hi there
Just bought and set up Voyager and it looks amazing with a tone of info.
Of course, my questions are a lot but I just want to start.
I was used for the last 5 years other Software and I was used to automating the whole night.
As a beginning I need to connect everything then
1.Open the roof.
2.If roof is completely OPEN then HOME (Paramount ME) (low hanging roof !!!)
Is there any specific script or do I have to make my own?

Welcome Nikos,

I suggest you to start from here:

For open and close roof depends if you have the roof connected to Voyager with ASCOM driver, in this case you can use this blocks:

If you have connected to Viking with an I/O Card you need this blocks:

All the best

A really simple example:


simpleopenclose.vos (17.2 KB)

You can expand with mount position check, roof position check … with sensors. And so …

All the best