New PlaneWave ASCOM Cover Calibrator Driver

PlaneWave developer have informed me about a new ASCOM Cover Calibrator Driver for manage the Mirror Cover control, also they have developed script to call directly in DragScript for who do not want to use the ASCOM driver. All is documented at link and in installation:

I’ve updated the PlaneWave Mirror Cover program to version 1.8.0, available here:

Software and Updates | PlaneWave Instruments

This version includes an ASCOM Cover/Calibrator driver that can be used from Voyager, as well as some batch scripts (open_shutter.bat, close_shutter.bat) that can be called from DragScript.

I’ve updated the documentation included with the software to specifically describe how to set up both methods with Voyager.

Please feel free to give it a try and let me know if you have any questions!



Thanks to Kevin and PlaneWave for the development and collaboration on this.

All the best