New portable setup

Yesterday some relax from coding … i put togheter all the puzzle pieces for my new portable setup.

  • Takahashi Epsilon 130D
  • Moravian G3-16200
  • FITLET MiniPC QuadCore
  • PegasusAstro FocusCube
  • QHY guiding pack

If someone of you handled this telescope and want share tips and opinion i’m happy to read.

All the best


Sweet setup Leo! Looking forward to your first image with it. I haven’t seen that Tak before, very nice.

Have fun!


Thanks Rowland … i must check what Mike say about LocalField and OUT mode because this is one of rare example of camera that working against gravity moving OUT. If something is wrong i can now have mode to check and fix.

All the best

Leo, this is amazing! The TAK Epsilon is a very nice newtonian astrograph.

I had my funny too, yesterday.
Finally my RC setup is completed. Atteched few photos.

RC CFF 10’’
Moonlite focuser
Starlight Xpress AO + Lodestar
Moravian CCD


This is really a great setup … not mine :slight_smile:
Have fun !

This answers my question about what you have on the CEM120!

Great setup, looking forward to your images!


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First light with my portable setup … i tested changing to RoboFire routine for IN focus direction.
8 sub of 180s for each channel RGB (24:24:24). Target was low but … i love this telescope !


Great shot Leo, nice star color and a nice wide field to get all of the Rosette. You will have fun with this setup!


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Thanks Rowland … i shot with a sky with a little fog … i have a tremendous blue bias but i fixed it.
I hope to use it this summer in high quote Alps.

Great image, Leo! It is nice and sharp, with excellent color balance and saturation.

Sweet setup, too. Glad you are enjoying the new scope.


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Thanks Gleen … its really a surprise this telescope