New to Voyager and have some questions

I’m going to try a trial version of Voyager and wanted to ask some beginner questions:

  1. I have a 10 U mount and wanted to know if Voyager supports the Mbox for updating refraction information to the mount?

  2. Support for Nitecrawler focuser and MountWizzard pointing software?

  3. is tsx required?

  4. How long is the trial period?

Thanks for any help.

Welcome remmy

I’m trying to answer to your question , but some of things you mention are unknow to me:

  1. Voyager use ASCOM driver to manage mount control, but Mbox is a element from (we have collaboration for ModelCreator). But for the data you write about i dont know how work. Can you explain to me ?

  2. not problem to use Nitecravler in Voyager, MountWizzard again i dont know

  3. no, Voyager have a lot of choices for each setup control. TSX is just one of these

  4. 45 days but if you need more time you can ask for extension without problems

Thanks for your interest in Voyager.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo,

  1. The Mbox sends the temperature and barometric pressure to the mount via a text file. It is usually found in the 10 micron ascom driver. I’ve just downloaded your Voyager and I will check on that. The refraction information from the mbox is necessary for unguided imaging, as I understand it. Martin also has newer versions of the mbox that connect via a gps socket to the mount.

  2. I’m hoping that Michel at MountWizzard will work with you. It would be a nice feature to have along with ModelCreator.

3 and 4. Great. Thank you.

Yuo are welcome.

  1. Many users of Voyager have 10micron mounts and do unguided imaging, so i think is possible.

All the best