New trial User First Light Focus issue+

Last night was supposed to be a learn this new program but I was running the First Light Focus routine and all was going well on Alkaid but all of a sudden it failed and said it couldn’t find the star when clearly its there as I loaded SGP to see if it was centered. Not sure why but when I do a test image in Voyager it just sends it to a folder and not within the app. I watched all the setup videos and read the wiki. I seem to be stuck at the auto-focus stage.

I am using a Nikon D7200 using ASCOM Dslr, why the app doesn’t have native DSLR support is beyond me. My focuser is a Crayford focuser using the Pegasus Focus Cube 2. I have recalibrated it as per the wiki.

After I couldn’t get past the focus first light I gave up and used SGP the rest of the night.

I am getting there, just a few more hurdles with Focus and getting the web interface to work without having to RDP to my desktop.

Please read the wiki and look at video tutorial. For first light or adding a vcurve you must press the green button in voyager - setup - autofocus - Robofire configuration and start the first light wizard or add vcurve. Before this better to check to have the right magnitude stars selected for filters or go the default if you have color camera.

Voyager is an automation software and not general porpoises software for AP. Viewer is external , use fit viewer from desktop icon link installed with voyager or inside the tools menu of voyager main window application.

We do not give support for dslr camera directly.

We do not offer officially support by forum, you can reach us directly on support channel in our website or you can wait for community answer if you want.