New user and cannot get FocusMax and a rotator working

Tonight was my first night with Voyager. I want to use FocusMax and a rotator.
The focuser / rotator is a Moonlight NiteCrawler. It uses one com port for both functions.
This may be where there are issues.
First, I setup ONLY the FocusMax without a rotator. FocusMax works fine, started alone. I connect to the camera (theskyx), the telescope and the focuser using the Nitecrawler driver.
I have setup FocusMax in Voyager. It starts it fine, but does not connect the focuser. If I try manually, nothing happens. Of course trying a focus run with Voyager (On the fly, FocusMax acquire star) fails, since there is no attached focuser.
Related to this, if I also enable the rotator in Voyager, the Connect fails since it uses the same comport as the rotator.
I am doing something wrong, but have no idea what. Thanks for any help.

Welcome Tom,

for your general info We do not offer official support in forum, if you need help you can referer to support link page:

You must be sure your drivers run more than one ASCOM client, this is the key.

Using FocusMax is really easy in Voyager, just select FocusMax like autofocus system in the control combo box and nothing else.

For focuser … in your case Voyager talk only with FocusMax and not with your focuser so cannot be the origin of your problem, what I can tell you is to start Voyager for first before all application and leave it opening all. Voyager is a system integrator and need to run process under admin supervision.

For rotator … you cannot configure one driver with one port com in 2 places if your ASCOM driver is not of server type, you can ask to your rotator brand support about. If driver isn’t a server driver you can solve only using an ASCOM Hub.

We have a more evoluted autofocus system than FocusMax inside Voyager called RoboFire, this can help you to solve the complicated cross connection environment you have.

All the best

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Seems that today everything is working! The only thing I changed from yesterday is that the PC used has been power cycled.
Thanks, Tom

Thanks for the feedback Tom.

All the best