New Website and great news ... Rowland Join Voyager Team

I’m excited to announce a new initiative between myself and Rowland Archer to grow our community and take Voyager to the next level.

Many of you know Rowland as the enthusiastic volunteer creator of the “Unofficial Voyager Wiki” at, which has made it easier for people whose primary language is English to learn and use Voyager.

Rowland will continue to maintain the Wiki and English language PDF manual, and expand his role to help with marketing Voyager, especially in the English speaking world.

The first result of this new partnership is a brand new English language website at

Rowland has started making videos. The first two are posted on the Videos page on the new website:

Viking has also been added to the Wiki:

We will publicize the new website more widely at a later date, but we’d love to get your feedback before doing so. You can leave a comment here or use the Contact page on the new site.

This new initiative will let me spend more time on product development. I’m really excited about this because there are some very cool things we can do with Voyager and I want to bring them to you sooner!

Please join me in welcoming Rowland to his expanded role within the Voyager family. Together we will do our best to help you get great images!

We are very grateful for you, our customers, and as always, we welcome your input.

All the best,


Note - Voyager and Viking remain 100% owned by myself, Leo. There is no change of ownership here, our companies are independent, and I will continue to be the sole seller of Voyager and Viking.


I love the new web site! The amount of time and effort that has gone into it must have been significant. Congratulations to Leo and Rowland on the launch and on what I believe will be a very fruitful collaboration.

The web site looks excellent on my laptop and desktop but has a few glitches on my iPhone. I’m happy to share screen shots if you’d like.

Thanks to Leo and Rowland for all that they do for the Voyager community!

Kind regards,


Thanks so much Glenn, and a special thanks to you for the great testimonial!

Yes, by all means send me screen shots of any glitches you find. I can’t 100% promise they are fixable but I will try. The website theme is supposed to look good on all size screens, but maybe I posted some images that are too wide or have been restricted to not resize.

Anyway, you can email me or PM me here with the screen shots. “Rowland” at the new website domain works for email.


Thank you Leo! I am honored to be part of the Voyager team and thrilled for the chance to help spread the word about Voyager. I feel like it is a hidden gem in the astro imaging world since Voyager does so well what we all want - get our images reliably.

I’ve used almost everything else available and I’m not an incredibly picky person, but everything else but Voyager left me frustrated with problems. Voyager has been a dream by comparison and I know that it will help so many imagers who are currently experiencing the kind of problems I had before using Voyager.

As for the new website, it would be great to hear from the community before we do a wider publicity. You know how it is with a new project - after a while you don’t see the flaws any more, so fresh eyes will help us!

Again, thanks for letting me be part of this team and I look forward to helping take Voyager to the next level.


Excellent stuff , cant beat a good video :slight_smile:

looks like a lot of work has been put in – I am sure everybody will find it very useful :ok_hand:

Keep up the good work gents and many thanks


Gentlemen, this is wonderful news!

The new web site is very impressive with a clean, simple, and effective interface. The person responsible for this html (Rowland?) did excellent work.

The videos are a game changer for Voyager and her “crew”. I’m one of many who combs the Net for videos on any given subject, being someone who learns via a hands-on environment, and I truly believe it will make a difference in more quickly growing the number of Voyager users.

My congratulations to all involved, and most heartfelt gratitude for your hard work.

Thank you!


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Looking great Leo and Rowland! :sunglasses: Congratulations and full steam ahead!

Thanks Harry, Eric and Roberto! It was a fair amount of work but nothing compared to what Leo has done with Voyager over the past seven+ years :slight_smile: !


Really good stuff, Rowland continues to make a significant contribution to an already significant product … good stuff to all involved, glad to be “spreading the gospel” to all I run into!

Thanks Craig, really appreciate your testimonial, that’s an impressive array of scopes you’re running with Voyager!

And please do keep spreading the word, Voyager is the best kept secret in astro imaging and it could help so many people if they only knew about it! Word of mouth is the best reference.


Thanks Rowland and Leo, this new website and the new videos and documentation are great!


So glad you like them, thanks Wayne!!