Newbie questions

Hi All, I ran my first night with Voyager last night, and seems like I spent most of the night reading/reviewing the WIKI page, but of course that’s expected.

I have kind of a list of questions that I wasn’t able to answer from reading the WIKI page, so I thought I would pile of few of them together in one thread.

  1. Pausing the sequence - Is it possible to pause a sequence, then make a change to that particular sequence and then resume with the updated changes? I tried this a couple of times and could not find a way to either resume or eventually cancel that sequence. It was like the process was locked and would not allow me to resume or cancel. I had to close Voyager completely and then restart the program.

  2. FITviewer resolution - Is there a way of changing the way FITviewer stretches and image. I found that it was very difficult to view and image that was captured? I also had FITviewer freeze up to the point where I had to endtask on the process to get out of it, but I’m not sure where it was hung up at, so if it happens again, I’ll make better notes on what was going on at the time.

  3. Resizing the windows in the Status/Commands section - Is there anyway to increase the size of the windows for the components (Guide, Target, Sequence, Autofocus, etc.)? Maybe it’s old man eyes, but those windows are quite small in relation to the rest of the layout.

I have other questions, but I’ll spend more time with it again today/tonight.

For Q #1: I don’t think so. I transitioned from SGP to Voyager and I miss that feature initially as well :slight_smile: But really I don’t miss it… You need to make a clear plan of what you want to image tonight (how many targets, from when to when, how many frames, etc.) and click & leave. Voyager helps you sleep so you shouldn’t need to sit next to the computer babysitting, and there shouldn’t be a need of pausing your sequence…

For Q #2: You can adjust the image stretching in the area in retangles.

  1. Understand, and as I use this, I’ll have a better understanding of what does what in the sequence setup.
  2. Thanks, I did find these options, but the image was still very faint. I was hoping there was a way of changing the way it stretches.

Thanks for the response.

My answers, please read what is written in the thread here Voyager and the others there are a lot of answer on some common questions foro who coming from another astro application:

  1. You can change the sequence when you want, sequence running a shadow copy of sequence. If you want to apply changing to a running sequence you must stop the sequence and restart, you have options on how to restart ( ) but sequence will be restarted from slot 1 … no memory and was done previously. This options are also on the dragscript section if you use DragScript. For the DragScript the sequence not actual running can be changed without reload dragscript (sequence will be loaded just at running from disk). During sequence you can pause and do action like pointing focus, flat and other and restart after a precise pointing the suspended sequence but the sequence settings will be not reloaded. You can inject a focus during sequence running from here

  2. Stretching in FIT Viewer is exactly like PixInsight auto screen transfer function so its really strong. If you want you can folllow what @yzhzhang wrote, cursor clip strech, cursor bkg change starting level of background for stretch (this is not cursor like usual but cursor changing directly parameters of PixInsight stretch function).

  3. i think you can get satisfation and solution using web dashboard. under the original GUI this controls are fixed, sorry.

All the best

Leonardo, thanks so much for the answers, I figured there were solutions to all of these questions. Again, thank you for the time.