NEWS ! Viking have now an ASCOM Switch Driver Layer

We took a step towards other automation systems and provided Viking with a Switch-type ASCOM Driver so that other automation applications such as SGP and NINA (and generally who have a Switch ASCOM client) can use our creature.

We believe that Viking is a great product and that it has potential that is right to express themselves beyond Voyager.

Thanks to the collaboration with Michael Poelzl, who carried out the entire development, the driver is ready and usable, complete with installation and excellent configuration form.

Immagine 2021-03-13 222206

I would like to thank Michael for the excellent work and the great professionalism shown, I am sure that in the future there will be further fruitful collaborations.

Spread the word and help us extend the Viking user base.

In the next few hours we will organize the publication of the Viking download in the new version and the ASCOM driver.

All the best


Thank you for the effort, Leo and Michael. It is great that non-Voyager users have the option to use Viking now.



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