NGC 1637 - 6 scopes using Voyager


NGC 1637 is an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Eridanus, approximately 35 million light years from Earth.

Photographing this galaxy proved quite a challenge, not only because of our light polluted skies but also the galaxy’s apparent size. It is 4x3.4 arcminutes, or about 1/8 the diameter of the moon from our point of view (about 1/15 of the width of your little finger if held at arm’s length). It is also exceedingly dim at magnitude 11.5.

We used 6 telescopes to capture this galaxy. Voyager controlled our 600mm and 400mm systems to capture luminance detail, and Voyager SC Observatory Version controlled our 4-scope 300mm widefield array to capture RGB color. A total of almost 59 hours was captured over a four night period.

Larger version and full details:


Thats an incredible result Andy … congrats to all MasterDark team. This target is really hard for all …
Thanks for sharing with this forum.

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Great image, congratulations!



How can I see this version of Voyager.

( I about to about buy the base version)



Hi Max. Do you mean the SC Observatory multiple-scope version? Do you want to control multiple scopes on one mount? If yes, then contact Leo, the multi-scope requires a different license.


Hello Max, i’ll try to prepare a doc about.
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Btw, I just bought the basic - standard version. I have three scopes on two mounts :grinning:
I am interested in any new automation tools.

I have one feature to ask for the basic version.

My Alnitak Flax box is on the wall. I have is Alnitak that is a cover only( no flat function ). It is on separate USB device. I can only connect one or the other currently.



Thanks Max,
Ok, I’ll add another flat cover device to Voyager.

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