NGC 7380 Wizard Nebula and his neighbors


another shot from the terrace with Voyager working great. :blush:

1-2/9/2021 Poggio Rusco, 16 mt, sqm=19.20
Takahashi FSQ106 EDX IV @ f/3.0, Asi 2600mm-pro, Avalon Linear, Voyager, Pixinsight
Integration: Ha 37x480s, OIII 48x480s, Total Integration: 11h 20m


Really nice image! I have the same reducer and I love it.

I use the FSQ at both f / 5.0 and f / 3.6 and f / 3.0. Unfortunately, the problem is that of being able to quickly change the configuration while keeping the sensor plane such as to limit deformations at the corners as much as possible, sometimes you have to be satisfied. I use the Asi2600mm / mc and the size of the aps-c sensor helps, I’m happy with the results…

Hi Marizo,

I am using my FSQ with a KAI1100 camera, it produces perfect corners but the pixels are huge (9um) I also own a QHY268 (same chip as the ASI2600) and is very very demanding compared to the KAI11000.



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