NGC 7662 Blue Snowball

I accumulated 26 hours of data for NGC 7662, the “Blue Snowball” planetary nebula, over the course of 22 nights this past summer and autumn. Thanks to Voyager Advanced it was as easy as adding the target to the scheduler and running my nightly DragScript.

This target has a very high dynamic range, with a rather bright core and faint outer shell. At the edge of the outer shell you can see what astronomers call FLIERS - fast low-emission ionization regions. They look like comets and are facing back toward the central star. It’s not clear if they are actually moving in that direction, or are fixed objects with ionized gases flowing around them.

Equipment details in the AB llisting.

Thanks Leo for this amazing software!



Spectacular Shot.
At what focal length did you shoot?

Thanks Antonio! This was shot at 1635mm with a 9.25" Celestron EdgeHD and a focal reducer.