NGC 7822 in (R)GB + HA

While still waiting for my new narrowband imaging system and new scope, I keep using the small Z61 with my modded 6D, this time with a nice 2" 7nm HA filter in front.

Obviously far from ideal using only 1/4 of the pixels, and having to expose 10 minutes subs without a cooled camera, BUT on emission nebulae it still pays off big time.

The results is this RGB+HA (or better HA+GB), manually balanced to be a narrowband ‘looks’ image.

It’s a 5 hours HA (10 mins subs) total and 12 hours ®GB (5 mins subs). All done over three nights, as usual reliably and without a single hiccup with Voyager. Post processing PI/PS.


Really nice image Giancarlo, interesting result.
Thanks for sharing and for using Voyager.

All the best