NGC2237 Rosetta Nebula

1/3/2019, Valfredda (VR), 1320 mt, t=1°c, sqm=21.00. Canon EF 200 f/2.0 @ f/2.8. Canon Eos 60d Astrodon inside @ 800 ISO. Avalon Linear. Integration: light 32x240s. Total integration: 2h 8m. PixInsight. Automated by Voyager.

Absolutely my first shot with Canon EF 200/2.0 on Avalon Linear mount automated by Voyager.

Several problems of interface to the guide resolved to the Bill Gates (ctrl alt canc) have made me lose a lot of time, unfortunately these are only 2 hours of integration.

Great satisfaction in using Voyager :grinning:


Marzio, is really a beautiful image, very nice framing, colors and processing. Congrats…:+1::grinning:

I agree with Roberto, very nice job Marzio! Look forward to the next one now that you have your Bill Gates problems solved :slight_smile:


Great shot Marzio, this canon lens work really nice. Thanks for sharing.

All the best