NGC3486 One month with Voyager

Hello all,

I’ve became aware of Voyager about a month ago. Almost a month was spent on setting up a DragScript. I do not have a permanent pier and have to setup the mount at evening. And after that Voyager takes care of everything:

  • starts an utility which controls anti-dew heater (a self-made Arduino based controller);
  • waits for dark sky;
  • builds a model for the 10micron mount;
  • chooses and images a number of targets based on their HA coordinate, i.e. when the target is at highest position within 3HA from the meridian;
  • shuts down at the end of astronomical night.

This kind of automation allows to avoid user errors :slight_smile: Now I only have to assemble the scope at the evening and bring everything back in the morning.

Thanks Leo and team for the excellent software.

During this time I was able to get about 16 hours for NGC 3486:

Take care and stay healthy!



Wow … congratulations !
Thanks for your report and for this great image of NGC3486.
I’m sure people here are interest in your script and 10micron model management.

Thank you so much … al the best

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Thanks, Leo. Sure, I’ll post my script eventually.


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