NGC7023 - Iris Nebula

NGC7023 - Iris Nebula:
GSO RC10" (old poor man telescope) - QSI 640WSG - SX-AOLF - MACH1
L:R:G:B => 910:260:260:260
Pragelato - Turin - (Italy)
Fully Automated with Voyager Astrophotography Automation


Very nice job as always!

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Thank you , its a nice target.

All the best

Leonardo, hai fatto immagini bellissime con quello “scaldabagno”, e quella CCD con i pixel grandi, lieto di vedere, spero per tantissimi anni ancora, questi primi piani…

Cari saluti

Leonardo, you took beautiful pictures with that “water heater”, and that CCD with large pixels, glad to see, I hope for many more years, these close-ups …

Best wishes

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According to the current logic that CCD is blind, small pixels are the solution, quantum efficiency the ultimate goal. Always according to the logic that CCD is insensitive to red … logic not theory or even practice. There is a common drift in astrophotography nowadays to consider things that over the years we had instead removed and branded as useless. The only CMOS I see resembling CCDs is the one that mounts IMX455 sensors … that I see as a nice improvement. The rest is pure marketing and astrophotgraphers are often used as guinea pigs and paying beta testers.

But these are the considerations of a dinosaur …