NGC7822 wide field in narrowband Hubble Palette

Hi all

another one possible thanks to Voyager managing a full clear night of HA (about 9 hours of 600s subs), and another two nights split between OIII and SII through clouds (around 4h each of 600s subs)…really amazing how I can squeeze any moment of clear sky :slight_smile:

My Esprit 120 arriving any moment so still doing some wide fields with the small WO ZS61. ASI1600, ZWO and Optolong filters, ZWO wheel, HEQ5. Very happy of this one, lots of colour details and faint nebulosity.

Hubble Palette, with my processing via PI and PS.

Captured by Voyager and TheSkyX.


Very nice! Great colours. I’ve been working on a wider field version of this for some weeks.


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Thank you. It’s a very interesting and rich region, I have no patience to do a mosaic in narrow at the moment, but let me know once you finish your one I want to see it!

Wonderful Giancarlo, congratulations !

All the best

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Very nice result! Congratulations.



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