NITECRAWLER Focuser / Rotator


I’m soon going to set-up my equipment in a remote location due do to COVID, I haven’t been able to test equipment. In particular, I will be using a nitecrawler. My question relates to set-up. In SGPro, I had reverse set-up in the ASCOM driver.
With Voyager, do you have Reverse ticked in ASCOM (Y/N), do you tick rotator reverse in Voyager Set-up (Y/N).
Is there any easy way to check : such as looking from the back of the telescope, if PA increases, rotator goes clockwise ?

Thank you

Reverse: activate the reverse calculation of rotation, useful if during Sky PA point the calculate angle not converge to the sky PA requested. This flag can be applied if your driver support the reverse ASCOM option. Changing to this flag need to disconnect and reconnect the setup in Voyager to apply the change.

For reverse Voyager use the ASCOM property Reverse. So or you use in the driver settings or you use in Voyager. If you use in Voyager not set in ASCOM driver.

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Thanks, I’m hoping someone with a nitecrawler can respond as it should be the same for all users.

Dear Fredd, if reverse or not rotator doesnt depends only on rotator or brand of rotator but on your optics, corrector, reducer, flattner etc !!

I see. So solution is for example to use web dash board, solve telescope and PA. Chose another target with target angle and re solve telescope and PA. If it doesn’t work, reverse rotator ?

I think you can use the Camera Manual Rotation Aid Tool:

If you need to use the inverted switch to reach a specified rotation means you need to reverse the rotator.

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That sounds like the perfect solution. Thanks


We have two WR35s operating and I just set up a 3rd one at home tonight. Apart from Leo’s instructions, I have been doing the “lazy” version: I simply plate-solve an image, write the angle into the “Rotator” tab, and do “manual sync”. From there on everything just works. For me I have to toggle “reverse” in the Rotator Setup Tab in Voyager (and do that before you connect your rotator in Voyager). Give it a try if you wish.


I also have a WR35. Like Yizhou I do a plate solve and write the angle into the Rotator tab and do manual sync. I do have “reverse” checked in the Rotator setup and also in the ASCOM driver. I’m using a refractor.