Not coming to good focus

I have a new setup with the following equipment

Planewave CDK 20” f/7.7
Planewave L500 mount
QHY600M camera
Moonlite NiteCrawler rotating focuser
CFW CL1-10 filter wheel
Full set of Chroma Filters

I have been working on this setup for about a month. The issue is that it is not consistently coming to good focus. In most subs the stars are obviously out of focus. In many subs bright stars have double star spikes. I am using RoboFire as the focus routing

I am imaging at the Sierra Remote Observatory where seeing is consistently at one arcsec and sometimes even better.

Not sure what to try next but have the suspicion that there is something in the setup in Voyager that is incorrect. It would be nice to have someone review what I have done and make suggestions. I can easily arrange a TV login for that purpose.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Eric, we do not offer support by forum. Please contact our official email and ask for remote support if you need.

Before be sure you hardware its ok and specially your focuser (backlash, slippage etc) and cables routing.

All the best


Thanks very much for taking the time to configure my focus setup on the Planewave 20". I looked at the data generated overnight and it was excellent. I can tell you that a key reason I switched to Voyager was the potential for someone to help out, like you did last night (or this morning your time).

I appreciate your help.



Hi Eric,

thanks for using remote support

All the best

I’ve been following this one - great to hear it was resolved quickly and Leo, your service is outstanding.
Eric - can’t wait to see some shots from the new scope - what a great setup!


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Great to hear you’re on the Voyager bus now Eric. It’s excellent software!

I agree, You can’t beat Leo’s service

Give this man a medal :1st_place_medal:

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