Not Sync(Pointing Model Running)

From the Wiki " Not Sync (Pointing Model Running) : Do not send sync commands to the mount after a precision pointing action. You may prefer this choice if your mount is maintaining its own pointing model and you do not wish to add more sync points to it. In this case, Voyager will use offsets to move the mount to fix errors found during the precision pointing operation. Some mounts that maintain their own pointing model may need you to set a flag in the mount’s software to allow Voyager to add new points to the model to refine pointing precision. Consult your mount’s documentation to determine if this is the case."

Can someone please confirm that by checking this box I am disallowing Voyager from sending a “sync” to my mount under all circumstances no matter what I am doing in Voyager?

I keep seeing things in the log that say something like ASYNC (going from memory) so I am not sure if there is a circumstance that a sync is being sent or not. Trying to maintain the purity of my internal model which the wiki indicates this checkbox will do that for me.

If so, please change the translation to be more clear if possible. For example “Do not send Sync to mount”

Confirm what written in wiki, with this check no sync will be sended to mount except if you use the sync action button in the OnTheFly, box “Solved Coordinates J2000”-

I modified the label in Voyager.

For your info some mounts like the 10 micron allow to add point using sync command to the model and some users doesn’t check this flag.

ASYNC in log is absolutely another thing.

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Thank you. With 10Micron once a model is made in the mount the pointing accuracy is superb. There is never a good reason … almost never a good reason to send another sync. My pointing is about 3.5" RMS typically and that is because I am on a tripod. With a strong pier I am usually under under 3.

Very nice.
Thanks for the info.

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