Nothing beats the king, Voyager

OIII shot, from North America of the Helix Nebula, very low on the Horizon.

Voyager gets perfect focus, perfect guide conditions. I freaking love this software and Leo. :slight_smile:

Image scale is 0.3"/px, so 2.3" FWHM and 0.38 eccentricity, for an object under 30 degrees. Unheard of! Always possible with Voyager!


Thanks Bill, wonderful setup congratulations and wonderful result !

Its a period where seems only the opensource is the guru of trend and best software tools for astrophotography … but nothing beat the force of the ideas also if its a no free products !!

I was just looking at it in SkyGems:

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Seeing is improving and the data just improves. I just pulled in the 1.4" frame and I am just blown away.

Folks, you are not supposed to get data like this at the altitude this system is working at. The focus needs to be perfect, the model we use had to be perfect (and I did it 9 times to get it just right). That is 320 points, done 9 times, so over 20 hours of modeling data to get this just right.

Voyager is just amazing. I could not do this for my business without this incredible software. <3

Wonderful results, Bill !!!

But honestly speaking, I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you.


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I couldn’t refrain from responding. Bill, excellent work incidentally.
Thank you for being an ambassador for Voyager. Mostly, thanks for being willing to step up and be a spokesperson for the quality and value of this software. I find it so offensive that “free” has so much influence on the popularity of so-called competitive products. I shouldn’t be so judgemental regarding this topic but I cannot contain myself. The quality of Voyager and its support is simply staggering. The advantages it offers are overwhelming (particularly Voyager Advanced). Yet people are so hesitant to pony up and reap those rewards. I find it curious that somehow Blur Xterminator has overcome the hurdle of “free”. Like Voyager it delivers. But unlike Voyager it somehow became the “darling” where people vehemently and universally recommend its purchase despite its cost… Voyager (and Leo) deserve this same status. I, like you, have no skin in this game. But I felt compelled to share my bewilderment and my frustration. Software is the essential key to our hobby. I personally cannot think of one free astrophotography product that is truly praiseworthy. Nor can I imagine that any currently free products wouldn’t be dramatically improved upon by converting to a payment model (Perhaps PHD2 stands out as a possible exception). Imagine a world without Pixinsight and Photoshop, Well, I can’t imagine a world without Viking, RoboTarget, Robofocus, or Dragscript.
Again, kudos to you for speaking out about your respect for the product. You are doing any potential convert a huge favor.

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@rockstarbill Congrats on the setup! I think we all know how painful it is to set up a system which then “simply delivers”, so I think this is a big accomplishment.

As to Voyager, well, I stopped counting the number of licenses we are using right now (but Leonardo is reminding me when it comes the moment to renew :wink:), and there is one single thing that I have learned over the last 15 months: If something is not working as expected, the cause is mostly sitting in front of the computer :sweat_smile:

I will add that I tried ACP, NINA and some other “stuff” out there, but if you need a system which works somewhere on the globe, where you might not have a connection and where realibility is the first commandment, Voyager is the way to go.

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@Lukas_Demetz Do not support Voyager with renewal probably will be one of the cause of disappear of Voyager and Viking.

@Quantum, Who think different is an enemy to destroy not a one to respect … I would like to write many things but I hold back, it would not have any good effect. Situations like this cannot be countered.

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Even hearing the words “disappear of Voyager and Viking” is chilling!!! Some might say that I am being over-dramatic. But that is the way I feel about the quality and the necessity of Voyager. For me it is irreplaceable.