Notification endpoints

Is it possible to include additional notification endpoints? Having an SMS text or call is typically blocked via do not disturb on my phone. If I turn that off to allow the alerts to come through while I’m sleeping, then I’ll get all other messages and notifications, which can cause a problem when I’m only interested in just one type of alert. I wish my mobile device could have more granularity in notifications being snoozed or passed.

Anyway, I’m wondering if it’s possible to add a service like pushover to the list of possible notification endpoints. The API is pretty simple and involves a POST request with a JSON payload. The nice thing about the pushover service, is you can set the alert level and add a photo if needed (not that a photo is necessary here). If the alert level is above some threshold, it requires user interaction to dismiss the alert. This would be good for an emergency shutdown when some of us don’t have automated domes (I roll my scope out of my garage). That would be great for the case where there’s a sudden turn in the weather.

Pushover API:

That’s really interesting Gabe, i’ll absolutely import in Voyager … thanks

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I use Lunatico’s free Good Night System.

You can use DragScript’s “External Script” action to send a message with GNS.

You run an app on your phone (it has to be in the foreground) and it will quietly display any status message you send to GNS, or wake you up with a barn owl hoot (my dogs freaked the first time it happened!) if you send an “alert” message.

But Pushover will also be a nice option!


I already talk with Lunatico to implements GNS directly inside … i have received code/doc/app … just in to-do list

Thanks Rowland


Have you made any progress on either Pushover or GNS implementation within Voyager? Or will the new Web Dashboard allow monitoring by mobile device?
Thank you


I know long wait Roberto … but we have a lot of opened questions.
I’ll do my best

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I know you are working on a thousand things Leo :sweat_smile: Don’t feel like I am chasing; we will wait patiently :nerd_face: