OAG, FOV and guide star


At what FOV / focal lengths does finding guide stars become an issue when using an OAG? Specifically after a meridian flip. This is related to the settings in Voyager, to rotate after the meridian.
My max focal length is 1300mm, and a QSI 683 with OAG integrated. Not sure what the FOV is for the OAG.


Usually never. I hope this helps.
Go in binning for guiding and at minimum 2/3 second of exposure.

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I have imaged with an OAG all the way from about 330mm to 2350mm focal lengths and with a good guide camera I have never had a problem with PHD2 finding a guide star. I had a few issues with an ancient CCD guide camera but replaced that with a Sony IMX290 based camera and never had a problem after that.