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I’m new to this software and just in the process of setting it up for my configuration. I have managed to get most things configured and able to connect with the software apart from the Astromi Mbox.

I have this set up as an ASCOM device and have tried configuring it through either COM3 or 4. I am a user of SGP and (not at the same time) have no problem connecting with this software and obtaining valid environmental values from the Mbox. For some reason, no matter what I try, Voyager connects ok, with a green status, using ASCOM 6.2 for Mbox, however the values in the observing panel are totally erroneous with values of absolute zero and such.

Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong please?

Many thanks.

ASCOM device is equal for all … i think you used observing conditions, we do not know your device.

We cannot help on this. Try to be better precise with a screenshot of what you see and log of Voyager using the support mail you received with the license or follow the link:


I have an MBox connected to my Voyager copy and it works ok. Please post some screen shots showing what you are seeing.
Hopefully we can help you get it working.


Thanks for the reply Martin.

I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of it just now. I’m used to opening and running the Mbox windows application that gives you graphical trends of the various parameters. I use this as a clue as to when it is clouding over as the temperature rises. This has caused no issues with SGP, but apparently conflicts with Voyager. If I don’t open the Mbox application, Voyager receives valid data.

On a side note, I’m trying to set up Voyager to utilise ModelCreator (with the aim of more complete automation) and am having difficulties connecting the latest version of MC to it.

If I set MC to connect to either SGP or direct via ASCOM to the Atik camera I have, MC connects straight away and I’m able to perform the model making routine with correct plate solves using Pinpoint.

When I set the profile to connect the camera via 3rd party Voyager I get the following red Error message in the MC Log window;

Error - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

I have Voyager set up to connect to the Atik camera via ASCOM, which it does flawlessly. I’ve tried both connecting MC to Voyager with equipment in Voyager both connected and disconnected, but nothing has any effect.

I’ve sent a support request to Martin over at Astromi so I’ll see what he says.

Setting up new software to astro gear is always a laborious and frustrating process.


If you would like to have both Voyager and the Mbox application, then you have to start the Mbox app as Administrator.

This is because Voyager runs as admin. And if the COM port is already opened by a normal user (non-admin) application then the ASCOM driver running as admin from Voyager will not be able to open the COM port.

BTW, I use ModelCreator which runs from a DragScript and it works fine. Both ModelCreator and Voyager use ASCOM to connect to the ZWO ASI camera.


Voyage is a system integrator not only an automation software like SGP so you cannot work in the same way. Start Voyager for first and leave it open all.

if you want to use Voyager integration you must enable Application server in Voyager (but port is 5950 … with the port reported in MC will never work)


Please use support to fix your problem, its included in your license. We dont offer support by forum.

Many thanks for the useful information.

I understand that support is available through the license but I’m confused as to why it Is not possible to ask questions for help and advice in the forum also? Is that not what it is primarily for? Surely solving a problem openly on a forum will aid both yourselves in your workload because other users who have the same problem won’t all have to contact you about it, but also other users who are searching for a solution to the problem they have?

We do not think like you, based on our experience and since not everyone has healthy intentions, we believe that the best way to give support is the direct one. In your case we have specified because we asked you for evidence to help you and you have not responded by continuing to report problems. We are very pragmatic.

That’s fine, and thank you again for your help. I obviously just got a little confused as to the forum usage for technical issues as it is full of the normal sort of technical help/issues posts you’d normally find equivalent forums such as;

In setting up my system I have found several answers to many questions I had by searching these posts for answers from both other users and yourselves. For that aspect, the posts on the forum have been most helpful for an immediate solution or just knowledge and awareness of problems people are encountering.

If you don’t wish me to use the forum in such a way as others have been doing then I’ll email you directly or use the video call features as per the licensing agreement I paid for.

You are free to use forum and asking info you want … if you continue to have trouble we think is better to ask support and fix and we wrote this to you. If a distracted reader or a reader coming from a search stop to read at first 2 message think that MBOX doesn’t work in Voyager … this is a problem for us. Other competitors forum are full of requests without answers . we dont want this.

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