Obtaining values in External Script action

In the External Script action,the ability to pick up a environment variable and assign it to a variable once the script has run
This would be much easier than using STDOUT, especially when trying to get a decimal value that gets calculated, by for example a python script. If you have a sample of doing this, it would be great it you could provide some sample .bat file scripting



I dont understand exactly what you ask.

You can pass a variable to a external script using arguments, your external script must read the args and using it parsing the value. Viceversa you can use a stdout text of your external script to get data into a single variable string or decimal in “Execute external script” DragScript block.

This is how work now.

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It would provide another way to pick up external values

A process outside of Voyager, or the process run by the External Script action would result in an environmental variable being created/updated via the Windows set command. Voyager could then offer the ability to retrieve these values by name and assign them to Voyager variables.


The External Script might set multiple values, we would use this to retrieve each of them without running the External Script action for each one.

Thanks to the Voyager team, I can see I can now do this. With a sample batch file of:
=== .bat file ===

I can suck in the STDOUT and assign it to a variable, perform boolean logic on it and output it using JollyString escaping

This allows custom, complex logic to be offloaded to an external process

=== drag script ===
Start: Events At Start are ENABLE
String: resultString - Init Value = “UNASSIGNED”
External Script: C:\cloud\Dropbox\astronomy\batch\test_result.bat ; OutString=resultString
DO IF STRING VALUE: resultString is Equal to “RESULT” Send
Email using Voyager Account: myemail@gmail.com - test - ##VAR-resultString##
Wait Time: 00:00:15 [hh:mm:ss] Interval

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