Omega Centauri Cluster


I want to share another image from my last batch, the Omega Centauri Cluster.

Tech data:

  • Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106N
  • Camera: Apogee F8300
  • Mount: Sky Watcher HEQ5
  • R 33x5min + 80x1min for the core
  • G 33x5min + 80x1min for the core
  • B 33x5min + 80x1min for the core



Nice image. The wordpress links aren’t working for me.

Also, I suspect you might be able to get even more colour from the core if blend in even shorter exposures?

Sorry about the link, I have fix the post, now the links are pointing to the right place.

Probably with 10s subs for the core I could’ve recovered some colors. It is very bright and the Kaf8300 saturates very quickly.