On the Fly feature request

In On The Fly there are 2 sorts of sequences you can set up:

  1. Sequence with lights, darks, bias
  2. Sequence with flats

Since I would like to take lights darks bias and flats in the same sequence, would it be possible to add an option in sequence type 1 …maybe a check box with a link to a saved flats sequence created in type 2 that would allow the Flats to be taken at the end of acquisition of the other image types when running a type 1 sequence?

I realise that this can be done with Dragscript, but as a new user I’m not confident with that :smile:


Hi Gary,

are two kind of sequence different … i create a simple DragScript for you and attach the dragscript file also.
Remember you have license and you can ask for remote support to create or for explain directly DragScript.

You have 2 way ever with DragScript …

  1. Sequence with calibration shot and Flat Sequence

CalibrationFITandFLAT_short.vos (6.6 KB)

  1. puntual actions to do all with more flexibility, you can save as model and inherits all the times


CalibrationFITandFLAT.vos (21.6 KB)

You can adapt them to your neededs. Change sequence , flat sequence, temperature and time.
DragScript is just a drag and drop process to do … not needed to be programmer.

All the best

Thanks Leo, will have a play with the scripts and see if I can grasp them. Will let you know if I have any problems.


its really easy … if you don’t feel confortable please send me a message and we can arrange a remote session …