One shot color camera with L-eXtreme filter

Does anyone use the Optolong Clear Focusing Filter to prepare autofocus for the L-eXtreme filter with Voyager?

If yes, how do you make it work?
I recently got an electronic filter wheel and I am learning how to use my One shot camera and filters with Voyager.

So far I learned that I need to mark my camera as mono in Voyager in order to use the filter wheel. So that is a start :slight_smile:

A lot of users using the multi band filters. If you have an OSC and a fitler wheel … using camera like a MONO.

There is a flag about in the camera configuration in Voyager. When you using a mono with filters remember to select the right magnitude focus star ranges in Voyager (if you use autofocus in Voyager) and remember that this kind of filters are to be considered like narrow band type.

All the best