OneShot Target, Max Sequence Time ... new features incoming

I added 2 new features to Advanced actually in test and next to be released:

  1. OneShot Target

Useful to schedulate oneshot target (running just one time) at date and time indicated with some early start time if necessary. This kind of Task (introduce like a constraint in a new tab) will be checked each 30s during the RoboTarget Action and immediatly stop a running Target whatever is the priority assigned.
We are working now on MCP management.

  1. New Constraint Max Sequence Time

This constraint work like limit for the single Sequence (and not for the night) so the Target can be started again during the same night.

All the best


Thanks. This should be very helpful.

Thanks to you … I’ve so many things coming.


Those two look very interesting, I am not sure if the “One shot” target would be something I would use, but the max sequence time would be good for me where I like to set up fill in targets, I could set them for 30 minutes max sequence time and have my priority target set to “First” priority knowing that if a fill in was running I would get a meaningful amount of data on it, but my priority target would start no more than half an hour after it’s constraints were met if a fill in was running at the time.

Looks very interesting Leo, thank you for your endless commitment !


I see One shot as useful if you are trying to finish a target but it doesn’t get picked because of priorities and target start / end times.

Hi Fred,

the OneShot Target was born for rental companies for astrometric and events porpouse.
If you have a target with more high priority and you use max time for your low priority targets , this will be picked and finished in any case. You already have set that can you enable and disable and also target can be enabled and disabled.

Anyway if you want to use OneShot there is a rule for this target , cannot be rescheduled.

All the best