Option to NOT save profile upon exiting Voyager

Hi Leo,

Sometimes I experiment certain things by changing certain parameters in my current profile to test certain things but I don’t want to automatically save the changed profile after closing or exiting Voyager. So, would it be possible to pop up a window saying “Profile has changed, do you want to Save or Cancel the new Profile?” message so that the next time I image, I would not accidentally be imaging with the previously automatic changed profile without my knowledge and that could result not so good images.

After changing certain parameters for a Sequence and exiting the Sequence setup, Voyager always prompts me to save or cancel the Sequence changes, so I’m asking the same thing for Profiles.


Hi Peter,

for profile is difficult to do. A lot of really importa info is insight so autosave is the right way for Voyager to use.
For the sequence, i removed what you ask because a lot of user say exactly the opposite … I’m a little confused. I’ll check how I can take care of all.

All the best

Forget, use clone or save as if you wan to do change for testing to a profile. This can be a mode to solve your request.

Yes I’m aware of cloning profiles and I do it all the time, it’s that every once in a while I tweak the profile a little bit and sometimes I forget to either undo the changes or simply reload the original profile before exiting Voyager. Just thought that this feature request might be useful to everyone else including myself.


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