Orion's Betelgeuse

Hi, this is my capture from last weekend: Betelgeuse.
Fully automated without tossing a single image :slight_smile:

  • Takahashi FSQ 106EDX4 + 645 QE 0.72x Reducer
  • FLI PL16083
  • AstroPhysics Mach 1
  • Filters Astrodon Ha 5nm · Astrodon R · Astrodon B · Astrodon G
  • R 18x300" G 16x300" B 16x300" Ha 10x600"
  • Integration: 5h 50’

Astrobin Link


What a very unique rendition of Betelgeuse. Absolutely stunning!

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Thanks! It turned out nice :slight_smile:

This is the best Betelgeuse image I’ve seen! Very well done image, as usual, José.

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Thanks! There are very few images of Betelgeuse as a main object I am glad that you like it!