Orphan Sets and Targets Management ... Preview

Preview of the incoming Orphan Sets and Targets management:



Orphaned Sets and Targets are those that belong to non-existent profiles or that have non-existent or null sequence base.

With this management you can also move Sets from one profile to another and define the change of Base Sequence during the move.

Cooming soon !

All the best
Leonardo Orazi


Very nice Leo!

You are so thorough in thinking things through and we get the benefit of that. Advanced is going to be very full-featured for an initial release.


Wohooo, i need it i need it i need it, just changed a CCD on a pre existing optical path and need to transfer my pre-configured shots/targets

Thanks for your helpful work Leonardo


Great management! Hopefully this can be used when Advanced Array comes out? :wink: :wink:


I will reach you @Roberto_Botero directly to inform when the Array version will be started.

All the best

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Too kind with me.

All the best

Awesome, thanks Leo…

Just had to do this the hard way yesterday as I moved into summer camera cooling


Hi Leo
I’d be really interested in that array version too - I’m trying to run a 2nd camera with the 2nd instance at the mo and not really getting whether it should work or not ( in a limited fashion) without array.

Array license is needed to manage more than one setup over one mount.
If you have only 2 instance of base you can run 2 setup with 2 different mount.
Advacend + Array = Full License but you must have the Array license.

Full License, I will work about after the Advanced Release.

All the best