Paramount ME and Dome Setup questions

I own a Paramount ME and HomeDome. I have 2 initial questions:

  1. When selecting the mount in setup in Voyager, do I choose theSkyx or use the ascom driver for TheSkyX?
  2. In the dome setup for Voyager, there is a measurement for Azimuth Adjustment for the ascom driver. Is this similar to TSX’s setting in preferences under advance for dome called "Offset of Optical axis within the Telescope? If not how do you measure it?

I tried to find the necessary information in the wiki but did not find a solution.


I use The SkyX as a mount. Rock solid! SkyX and Voyager play very nicely together. I also use SkyX for plate solving but Robofocus beats @focus hands down.

What driver do you use in Voyager…TheSkyX or Ascom to theSkyX? Thanks for the response.


I just read the wiki again and notice they recommend using the TheSky driver for a paramount not using the ascom into it. Now I just have to get connected to the dome independently of theSky.

I have an MX+. I use Robofocus and RoboGuideStar Selection. I use ASCOM to drive my dome (Pulsar in UK) as I couldn’t get TSX to play well with Voyager in respect of dome control. ASCOM works just fine. SB were less that useless as far as support was concerned.

Yes, I use The SkyX driver rather than the Ascom X2 interface. Like everything else in Voyager it just works. The ability to do target selection and framing in SxyX and then transfer that to the sequence co-ordinates is so logical.

Welcome Jim,

here info about Dome configuration:

Azimuth Adjust (+/-): to the azimuth of Dome calculated by RoboSync will be added to this value in Degree. Expressed in Degrees.

There isnt a way to determine this value, is just to correct a fix error on calculation in case of displacemente of your column to the dome center. This value changes with position so you must found an average value. Usually this parameter isn’t needed and remain to 0. Isn’t equal to the TSX parameter you mention.

All the best

Thanks for the responses! All good .

I went through all the pain of trying to script SkyX to do what I wanted to but only got part way there. Voyager provides the missing automation to SkyX that Orchestrate should have.

I have it figured out. I think. Paramount is selected as the mount in TSX. I have 2 imaging trains. One with an ST-8xme and the other with a ZWO 1600mmpro. The SBIG and ZWO cameras are handled by 2 different profiles. The SBIG is managed by TSX and the zwo by the native support in Voyager. The dome driver is the ascom DDW driver controlled by RoboSync. Getting the measurements right as I switch between the imaging trains is a bit challenging. The GEM axis offset varies because of the distance of the optical centers to the two scopes. It would be great if 2 instances of Voyager could run allowing me to switch between imaging trains. I know Voyager can do this . I just need to figure it out. Thanks to all for the support.

Hi Jim,

you can setup 2 different instance with 2 different profile (and dome geometry). From the primary instance you can create the link to the desktop for the 2nd instance. Or just start 2 times Voyager. Only one instance at time can run your setup.

If you want to use at same time the 2 instance with Voyager you must switch license to Array, in this case you can manage up to 4 nodes at same time with one mount locally or in LAN:

All the best