Paramount, TSX and PHD

I have been using SGP for many years now but the focusing has become an unsurmontable issue so I decided to try Voyager.
I have set up all the parameters and I can connect everything. On startup everything thing is green so I assume that its is all ok.
PHD starts fine. I create my sequence and again it all seems to work but when it comes to guiding PHD craches. I have checked my parameters but I cannot think of what I am doing wrong.
Hasve you had this same issue and how did you manage to resolve it?
Someting PHD end up open another window with TSX.
Your advise will be appreciated.
Thank you

I believe I might know the cause of your problem. I assume you have configured Vogager under setup to select SkyX 64 in the mount tab.
2. You have installed Software Bisque The latest Ascom 2x mount adapter driver.
3. In Phd2 in the setup tab, mount selection should be SkyX Ascom driver. Next to the connect button, click on preference button. Make sure you select SkyX 64 bit, not the SkyX pro 10.2.0 or later that is the 32 bit version.
In Voyager, When you select startup to connect all your equipment, Voyager will connect to the mount and SkyX in 64bit mode, however when it goes to connect to phd2 and you have selected the 32bit mode it will launch a 32 bit version of SkyX, now you have 2 versions of TSX running. That is probably the reason for your errors.

Hi Ed,
Many thanks for you answer. I have done what you suggest but no luck.
However if I use TSX autoguiding it works. I do prefer PHD but if I have to use TSX then I will have to.