Pegasus Focus Cube 2, Robofire focus fails to connent

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Voyager uses the focuser with skyx and skyx uses it successfully with ASCOM driver. NINA uses the ASCOM driver. But when I try to use Robofire with the ASCOM driver I get this message.

Any Ideas?? It seems to be locked of Com6 which it uses on Skyx. I have gone into the ASCOM profile and changed the port number but that does not seem to do any good.


Please use official support and not forum for this kind of request:

You cannot connect serial port in more than one application. The port is open by another application.
This error coming from the ASCOM driver you are using for focuser and not from Voyager. Close all application usign the focuser also the one from Peagsus Astro and retry, otherwise restart your PC and do not open anything else … just Voyager.

All the best

Thanks, I am used to the SKYX forum where the other users are one of the primary resources.

Unfortunately, that reboot etc didn’t help

Hi Douglas,

here instead we have dedicate support one to one with the user included in the license also with remote support if needed.

Be sure you are using the right port and that the box is connected to pc and is powered.

All the best
Leonardo Orazi

Problem solved with support, TheSkyX was yet configured to use the focuser.

Yeah! It is working. Deleting the SKYX focuser configuration fixed the problem. I will be trying it for real tonight. Thanks-- Leonardo for your suggestion.