Pegasus Ultimate PowerBox V2 imported in Viking and Voyager

Just finished now to import the Pegasus Ultimate PowerBox V2 in Viking and Voyager.
You will found soon on version 1.0.19 of Viking.

Like in attached screenshot using Viking and configuring Observing Conditions in Voyager you will able to get also information about Temperature , humidity and dew point.

All the best
Leonardo Orazi


Thank you so much Leo! This is great to see!


Hello Gabe,

sorry for delay … i waited to have some “free time” to do it … mine is over the telescope and is really a great piece of Hardware.

All the best

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Hi all,

I also ordered a Pegasus UPB V2 (waiting for it to arrive) and I’m curious about its integration with Voyager. I’m very interested in Voyager and intend to try it with my new QHY camera.
Just 2 questions:

  1. Can I use the UPB v2 in Voyager even without Viking?
  2. Has somebody tried to use Voyager with the Focuser Motor Focus Kit v2 (Universal)? (This focusers must be connected to the UPBv2)

thank you!

Hi vland,

  1. I/O boards are managed by Viking and Voyager talk with Viking.
    Someone use the Serial transmit block of DragScript to manage the out activation only features of UPBV2 but I suggest to integrate them in Viking. You have a lot of advantages.

  2. I personally use UPBV2 and Motorkit focus kit V2 in Voyager and work perfectly

All the best

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Thanks Leonardo, that’s great news.

I’m very interested in your software (and not only because I attended primary school at R.C. Carlo Alberto in Moncalieri) and I’m looking forward to trying it ASAP
It’s great to see an italian software in this market

best regards

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I live in Moncalieri … :slight_smile:

All the best

Does this functionality apply to the Pegasus Pocket PowerBox Advanced as well?

List of supported cards here:

Advanced is supported.