Period repeat observation

Hi Leo and team
in terms of where the preset intervals function is going , is there an intent to support setting a start date/time and a period and observation length - for exoplanet or variable star surveying in this case.
My use case would be :
create an entry with a start date, start time of observation, length of observation and repeat period.
In the time of repeat observation I just want the sequence to be repeated until out of time.
Also support for Julian Date would be great for this.
This would be for variable star eclipses, exoplanets etc. I just want to be able to break into my current robotarget targets, do the eclipse and break out again.
If there is another way of doing this with robotarget please advise.

Many thanks

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Hi Mike,

use OneShot if you want to do only one time target or preset time interval if you want to do more tha one intervals on the same target. If you want you can import a CSV with all intervals or if you need switch to NDA version of Voyager and manage directly by code the intervals.


JD is not a good way for datetime, we use UTC time like requested from professional teams in exoplanet transit and variable stars survey and more.

All the best