PHD profile set within Voyager

Is there a way to tell PHD the profile to be used? It would be really great if this profile could be set inside the Voyager profile? I’m using an OAG, so when the OTA changes, the voyager profile will of course change, but there’s no way to tell PHD that the profile should be changed as well.


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The fastest thing that you can do is to create two different profiles in PHD 2 (and rename them) and to select the one that match to your focal lenght, and to your Voyager profile…

Not all version of PHD2 manage profile from event monitoring … and this is a problem
I can add in todo list but with low priority.

I do have multiple profiles in PHD2. Do you mean to manually select the PHD profile each time you change Voyager profiles?

Answer is yes !

I dont think you changing profile each day. I have 2 setup and 2 profile and probably i can change this 1 time for month. Some user have old version of PHD2 and doesn’t have profile management and i cant force them to update. I dont found this an important add and i put in low priority.

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I’ve used a lot of different imaging programs and I don’t recall any of them automatically changing profiles in other programs. You generally have to make the changes to any associated programs manually.


There is a certain popular program that will change the PHD2 profile for you.

Voyager is not popular… in one month I sell 1 license. Is just a toy … it’s a miracle it work !