PHD2 and Cartel Del Ciel not closing down

Hi all,

I may have missed something but when completing a dragscript and the setup disconnects, Is there a way to shut down both PHD2 and Cartes Del Ciel?


Hi Andrew,

Voyager can open PHD2 and / or cartes du ciel but not close them automatically. Use the drag script block dedicated to closing (DragScript Elements - Voyager Wiki) , Kill Process. Some process name is already prebuild other must be find in the task manager the first time.

All the best


Thanks Leonardo, I was able to kill of PHD but still trying to work out a way to kill Cartes Du Ciel. Any idea on what I should be looking for in the name?



Sorry Leonardo,

I found out how to kill it, was actually quite easy in the end, I used the Process name Skychart and it worked. Thanks again.


I was just thinking about this the other day. Thanks for the suggestion Leo on adding the kill process item to a DragScript!