Phd2 Exposure Time Defaults to 8 seconds

I’m not sure if my problem is in Voyager or Phd2 but when I select my guide exposure time in Phd2 it changes back to 8 seconds after each focus change. Is there any setting in Voyager that is controlling this? I really need to fix this because 8 seconds is not working for me.

Check the guide tab in your sequence. I’m betting it’s set to 8 for the guide exposure time.

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Hi Tom, do not change the guide exposure time outside Voyager, Voyager will reset to the value set in Sequence configuration. Thanks Bill for the answer.

Voyager is an automation system for unattended image, will take control of your setup.

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Yes - thanks, that was it. I thought that I had checked the sequence but somehow missed that I had input 8 seconds. Everything worked great last night.