PHD2 guiding not settling

Hi guys,
Having some difficulty setting up my OAG on my HD Edge C8. I’m in perfect focus using the autofocus routine. Created a sequence but it kept failing with the error ‘guider failed to settle’. Is this something i can correct for in Voyager or is it a PHD2 setting i need to adjust? Has anyone come across that error before?
Many thanks

In the guiding setup tab you have maximum errors (In pixels) for guider settling and dither settling.

If you set those to a value that is too small then you may see that error. The right setting depends on your guidescope focal length (2000mm for you, assuming you are not using a reducer) the pixel size of the guide camera and if you are binning the guide images, not to mention how your gear guides, so one setting does not fit all. If you make it too tight even a night of poorer than usual seeing might result in settle errors.