Pier Side variable

Is there a Pier side variable I can access in a Dragscript? What I am trying to do is perform an automatic pier flip without using a sequence in a Dragscript. Something like this:

Do if Pier side = West
Do if HA > 0.1
Precise Slew to object


Maybe one method is something like this:

Precise Pointing By Name
Do if HA between -6 and 0
Counter PierSide = 0
Do if HA between 0 and 6
Counter PierSide = 1
Block Exposures
Do if PierSide = 0
Do if HA between 0.1 and 6
Precise Pointing by Name
Counter PierSide = 1
In other words, after an initial Precise Pointing to the target, define a variable based on the hour angle. Then, when taking a series of images and the scope requires a pier flip (HA went from East side to West side) then do a precise pointing and then continue the exposure block

Hi Craig,

I will add to the TO-DO list … but at now we are finishing a couple of old request and freeze all to continue only with Advanced.

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Hi Leo,
Thank you. I tested the script above last night and it does do a pier flip 6 minutes after the meridian crossing which is perfect. The script does make an assumption that if after a precise slew the HA < 0 then the mount is Pier West. I guess depending on mount meridian settings it is possible for this not to be the case, but for my setup this should be accurate. Having the actual pier side reported by the mount would be safer. In any case, no hurry on the update since I do have a work around.

Thank Craig,

I will add.

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