Planetarium Software


I’ve just started trialing Voyager. One question - does it connect to Stellarium planetarium software? I can’t see it in the list


Hello Christopher,

in Voyager Planetarium is used to search object for targeting. The planetarium system must be connected and managed if have an external interface for integration. Some planetariums have a good interface to telescope and is commandable form external program and this mean can be used like Mount control in Voyager (for now just thesky6 and theskyx passed this quality level in Voyager).

If Stellarium have and external interface for integration and have command to satisfy Voyager request will can be imported in Voyager.

I’m looking in their site but seem a remote control is an optional plug-in.
Can you help me to understand if this is true ? Because i don’t use Stellarium and i dont know it.

All the best



Thanks for answering me. Most people use this.

The Voyager software looks very good

Regards, Chris


In this case with this plugin yuo can connect planetarium like telescope in Voyager Mount Control using ASCOM.
My opinion is to use direct ASCOM instead if your mount use ASCOM.



Stellarium can control mounts as per the StellariumScope software previously mentioned.

However, I presume you would like to have other control of the software as well? Perhaps this API might help: ?


Thanks for info, i’ll Add to planetarium control and mount control if have all the method of Voyager interface