Planewave Telescope Fan On-Off Scripting in Voyager

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We’re trying to get Voyager up and running for our observatory (the Allan I Carswell Observatory) at York University in Toronto. We plan to run Voyager on both our 1m and 60cm telescopes but are having a few issues (getting started is always tough).
In short, the 1m telescope is a Planewave 1000 with Planewave interface software. Telescope tracking, movement, petal opening and closing, telescope parking and dome parking are all working and scriptable… however, at the end of the night we need to turn fans OFF (that blow over the primary) and THEN close the petals and park the telescope. At the moment we have to set an alarm to wake up and turn the fans off when the telescope closes which is not ideal for remote operations. It won’t make a difference in person of course, but so far we haven’t found how to do this so any help is much appreciated.

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You can use dragscript and call the script for doing what you asked, planewave release dedicated script for this. Use External script block with

Your setup is common between planewave users in Voyager.

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Thanks, unfortunately there’s no script that I can find for ‘telescope fans’ on-off, other planewave functions have worked with no problem in Voyager (petals open, tracking on, rotator on etc.), but there’s nothing for telescope fans PW1000. If this is a public script is there a download do you know? I’ve messaged planewave in the meantime but haven’t found anything yet.

We have one script that Planewave send to us, sent by PM

Have you solved ?

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According to Planewave the answer is to use files here:

I will test them this weekend, but in case anyone else needs them I’ll leave the link here.

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Good morning Leo,
Can you please send the script from Planewave for the fans and heater.

Thank you

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